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What´s new in EVA 4.0? International collaboration on modeling insect invasions

As part of the EVA 4.0 project an international team of insect population ecologists is assembling at CZU to work on the use of mathematical models for identifying and managing newly invaded insect populations. The team consists of Dr. Takehiko Yamanaka (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan), Yutaka Osada (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan) and Andrew Liebhold, team leader EVA subproject 4, “Reconstructing global insect invasion dynamics”

An Argentine Scientist Visited the EVA4.0 team

M. V. Lantschner visited EVA 4.0 team at CULS to analyze the global patterns of historical bark and ambrosia beetle

For termites to Papua New Guinea

Pick up the first set of samples from the field experiment, check the experimental area and ensure its functionality, measure the organic matter abundance or collect enough live termites for laboratory experiments and bring the collected samples back to the Czech Republic, these were the goals of the trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG) within the EVA4.0 project.

New project laboratories approved by building authority

After several months of reconstruction, national building authority approves new laboratories.